John exhibited a remarkable grasp of the essence of leadership!

Congratulations to Dr. John Hackett on the establishment of the web page: And congratulations to both John and Becky on their completion of the John Maxwell trainer coach certification program. This new website will make available to many seekers, the savvy and experience of a coach who in my estimation is first-rate.

I offer this assessment on the basis of more than twenty years of knowing John Hackett, beginning with his work as Special Education Administrator at Consolidated District 230, where he earned a stellar reputation as an educator. Subsequently, John and I served together as colleagues at Lewis University and, most recently, at the University of St. Francis. During these past five years, John has taught the initial courses in the Doctor of Education in Leadership program at St. Francis. The student population is composed of teachers and school principals who wish to become general superintendents of schools, as well as leadership candidates from private businesses, health care organizations, and governmental and social service agencies.

In this work, John exhibited a remarkable grasp of the essence of leadership and its crucial role in institutional development and the achievement of corporate goals, while at the same time emphasizing the ethical and moral basis of sound leadership. John’s focus is always on the ways in which leadership accomplishes the major objectives of the institution while paying attention to the developmental needs and goals of the individuals in the organization. This is why I believe that John is so successful as a life coach and trainer—he sees the individual in the system, and because of the breadth of his experience, helps the candidate to negotiate the team-oriented environment of the institutional system without sacrificing their sense of self-worth or their ethical obligations as human beings.

I am sure that many clients will patronize this site and will benefit immensely from the mentorship of John Hackett.

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